Individual Counselling

What is Individual Counselling?

We all go through challenges in life, in our past, present, and thoughts for our future.  Sometimes we experience, stress, have family struggles, go through loss, or experience mental health challenges.  It is during these times that a Clinical Counsellor can provide support and tools to navigate these situations.

Individual counselling, also called psychotherapy or individual therapy, begins with building a collaborative relationship between you and your counsellor.  The relationship can develop in person in our counselling clinic, or virtually on video or telephone.  Some clients prefer to have their sessions outdoors or engage in walk and talk therapy.  Whatever the setting, therapy is a non-judgmental and confidential space for you to share safely and receive objective feedback and tools to support.    

Why Should I Attend Counselling?

Clients choose to attend therapy for a host of different reasons.  From stress management to experiences of severe mental health concerns, clients receive support from our counsellors with personally adapted treatment plans.  Counsellors at ICC have listed specialties, but they are also able to provide general counselling to individuals of all walks of life.  Some examples of client concerns include:

  • stress
  • sleep problems
  • relationship challenges
  • work related concerns
  • anxiety
  • car accidents (click here for more)
  • sadness or low mood
  • anger
  • unwanted behaviours
  • social challenges
  • grief and loss
  • experience of trauma
  • addiction
  • life transitions
  • self-esteem
  • disability
  • eating concerns
  • self-care
  • creating new goals
  • developing assertiveness
  • finding purpose
  • chronic illness and pain
  • developing self-awareness
  • family stress
  • parenting
Some people choose to go to therapy just to have a supportive person to listen.  It is healthy to process our inner world with a trusted other, and there does not need to be a specific reason to meet with a counsellor.

 We also have groups for adults that may be of benefit, check them out here.