Groups for Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs)

Kathryn has teamed up with Jason Yu, from Fidget Podcast to offer some very exciting BFRB opportunities! Island Clinical Counselling offers specific group therapy options for people with Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours. We offer a regular workshop that outlines the basic treatment for BFRBs.  We also host several ongoing support groups that allow individuals with BFRBs the space to come together to discuss their experiences and support one another with strategies and accountability:

BFRB Support Group: Ages 17 and up, this group provides individuals with BFRBs a safe place to share their struggles and victories, share ideas, and learn ways to cope.  Tuesdays at 6pm on Zoom.

BFRB Teen Support Group: Ages 11 to 18 on Zoom.   We are currently taking an interest list for this group.

BFRB Caregiver Support Group: A place for caregivers of individuals with BFRBs to share their experiences, learn ways to support their loved ones, and find encouragement.  We are currently taking an interest list for this group.

To sign up or express interest for any of the above groups email


If you or a loved one experience a Body Focused Repetitive Behaviour (BFRB), you may have hesitated to seek out help.  Join others in this safe and respectful online environment to learn more about BFRBs and how to treat them. Participation is voluntary and although there is opportunity for questions and comments, you may stay as anonymous as you like.  Join Kathryn and Jason for this dynamic workshop. Learn and practice skills to manage your or your loved one’s BFRB.  Zoom links to be sent out via email before the workshop.  This Workshop is offered in two parts, each two hours each.  Fees: $90 for a two hour session (sliding scale: 70-90).

To register, email:


See the trailer for our workshop here.
Jason has created a resource list: this free PDF comes with a BFRB Process Quick Start Guide and can be obtained here.
Jason describes the process of having a BFRB here.

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