Groups for Children and Youth

ICC offers regular child and youth specific group programming through the year. Child therapists provide groups for children and youth that are inclusive. Groups  allow children and youth to receive both connection and support. We use creative methods to engage participants and make them feel comfortable.  All groups are neurodivergent and diverse ability friendly.  We welcome the Autistic community.  Ages are based on your child or youth’s developmental age and fit for group rather than just chronological age.  For individual child and youth counselling click here.

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Child and Youth Groups Offered Year Round

Kidz Connect Level 1, 2, 3  *Ages 3-5 (level 1), 4-7 (level 2), 8-10 years old (level 3)* 
Description: Come develop and practice important social skills such as sharing, collaborating, and turn-taking in this play-based, social group for kids. Enjoy fun games and activities as we will grow friendships, make memories, and develop powerful skills and abilities to thrive socially!!  Areas of focus include initiating play, playing collaboratively, using flexibility in play, understanding social cues, building and maintaining friendships, and navigating conflict. Join us as we make memories and foster connection.  

Stress Busters  *Ages 8-11 years old*
Description: Connect with likeminded peers who can relate to similar challenges as we learn about anxiety and stress management skills. Develop and trial practical tools and techniques through the use of art, games, and fun activities. Key areas of focus include understanding the effects of anxiety, everyday triggers, and coping strategies such as mindfulness, reframing, and cognitive restructuring. Join us as we learn and grow together.

Artful Masterminds Levels 1 and 2  *Ages 9-12 (level 1) and Teens 13+ (level 2)*
Description: Join our safe, neurodivergent-affirming environment where members connect with likeminded peers who share similar interests and experiences. Learn new skills and let your creativity shine as we learn and grow together. Key areas of focus include anxiety, peer relationships, positive self talk, self compassion, time, and stress management. Build friendships, experiences, and an appreciation of your unique gifts in this gender inclusive space.  Level 2 is for the older age group.

Lego Masters  *Ages 7-11* 
This group provides kids a safe place to get together to problem solve, communicate, enjoy each others company while creating lego projects independently and as a team. Join this small group to learn skills and have fun while doing it.

ADHD Kidz   *Ages 7-10* 
Learn, share, and grow with friends as we support one another in learning new coping tools and realizing our infinite strengths and abilities. Develop an understanding of emotions, and their connection to thoughts and behaviours. Learn new ways to engage in more flexible thinking and communicate with others in a positive way. Neurodivergent and Diverse Ability Friendly.  

Email to sign up for the above groups.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Support Group for Teens (13-17) – on Zoom
Description:  A support group led by OCD trained counsellor Bree Stutt, provides youth an opportunity to realize that they are not alone in their battle against OCD.  Tips and tricks will be shared an an opportunity for all to share their personal experiences with OCD. Wednesdays once per month at 7pm.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Support Group for Children (6-12)- on Zoom
Description: A support group led by OCD trained counsellor Bree Stutt, provides children an opportunity to realize that they are not alone in their battle against OCD. Wednesdays once per month at 4pm.

Email to sign up or to inquire about either OCD group.

Fees: our children’s groups are $30.00 plus GST per session.  Yoga groups are $30.00 plus GST per family unit.  Longer groups in the summer are $50.00 plus GST or can be purchased as a package.

Our New Year 2024 groups run by Hannah are as follows:

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