Music Integrated Therapy

Music is important to individuals and cultures across the lifespan. Music-Integrated therapy incorporates music into the therapy setting in a variety of ways. Using music has been shown to be effective for behavioural, emotional, physiological, psychosocial, and psychological needs. Using music in therapy can help clients feel more connected to the therapeutic experience. It can help relax the nervous system. It has been shown to have positive effects for neurodiverse clients such as those with ADHD and Autism. Voice-integrated therapy uses the breath, songs, and dialogue to help promote wellness. This is particularly useful for individuals with trauma. A music-integrated therapist weaves music into a typical counselling session in ways that fit with the client’s needs. Some people find it easier to share what is on their heart and mind by using songs that represent how they feel. Music and voice-integrated therapy open the door for this type of expression, under the care of a qualified therapist.

Music and voice integrated therapy are available at Island Clinical Counselling.  This service is for children, youth, adults, and families.  Music Integrated Therapy is for all ages.  If you are looking to learn more, book a free consultation with Shante Van Horlick.