Services and Fees



  • Individual Sessions Online or In Person at the Clinic with a Registered Clinical Counsellor (all ages):  $140.00 Plus GST
  • Couples and Family Sessions Online or In Person at the Clinic with a Registered Clinical Counsellor: $155.00 Plus GST
  • Clinical Supervision and Professional Consultation:  $140.00 Plus GST
  • Half Session Online or Telephone:  $80.00 Plus GST
  • Child and Youth Care Counselling with Hannah Christianson:  $60.00 Plus GST
  • Groups for Children and Youth: $30 per session, group packages are also available
  • ADHD Coaching: $60.00 Plus GST
  • BFRB Coaching: $60.00 Plus GST
  • Clinical Interns:  $45.00 Plus GST, starting May 1st, intern rates will be $60 per session
  • Adult Online Group Therapy and Weekly Workshops:  $40.00 per session Plus GST
  • Letters and Documents:  $35.00 and up

Many extended health care plans cover the services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor or Registered Social Worker. Please check with your benefits plan.  You will be asked to pay for your session and then will be issued a receipt to be provided to your benefit plan.

We are able to direct bill to:

  • ICBC
  • Autism Funding Unit
  • Metis Nation
  • First Nations Health Authority
  • Homeschool programs, upon approval
  • Crime Victims Assistance

We can support families in their applications to Jordan’s Principle and Variety Charities. 

Description of Services

Child and Youth Mental Health

At ICC, our multidisciplinary team works with children, youth, parents and carers to create a safe and supportive space for children and youth to express thoughts and feelings
while accessing healing, health, and resources for coping. We incorporate many approaches to expression including art, play, and activity-based experiences. Service plans and therapeutic approaches are adapted and matched to each individual and family who comes through the door.

Play Therapy

Are you looking for a counsellor for a child or youth? Registered Clinical Counsellors, interns, and Child and Youth Care Counsellors provide one to one counselling for children with a focus on reducing anxiety, improving mood, enhancing social skills and engaging in problem solving. Using directive and non-directive methods, children can express their innermost thoughts and feelings through a language that feels most natural to them: play. Counselling can also be focused on regulating big emotions through mindfulness techniques, emotion identification, and coping skills. We welcome children of all ages into our play space.

Child and Youth Mental Health

Neurodivergent Support

At ICC we celebrate differences and want all clients to feel safe and supported. All counsellors at ICC have experience working with individuals with neurodiversity, such as ADHD, Autism (including Autistic or self-identifying Autistic adults), and FASD. We also hold certifications and training in these areas. Our services can also be paid for using the Autism Funding Unit.  

ADHD coaching helps educate clients about their symptoms. As a coach, we work collaboratively with clients and caregivers to help develop stronger emotional regulation, create and meet academic/professional/personal goals, enhance self-acceptance and create practical solutions that help reduce symptoms. Coaches use basic counselling skills to support their clients. It is also a very practical appointment and clients find it useful to engage in concrete strategies and techniques.

We provide these services to all ages groups and no diagnosis is required.  


Services for Neurodivergent Individuals and Families:

  • Individual counselling with a Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • Individual counselling with a Child and Youth Care Counsellor
  • Family Counselling with a Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • Parent Support with a Child and Youth Care Counsellor
  • Lower cost services with a clinical intern
  • Family or Couples Counselling with a Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • Support Groups offered on Zoom in the evenings for individual adults and also for caregivers
  • Child and youth in person groups
  • ADHD Coaching

Couples Counselling

You do not need to wait until it is too late or when you are in crisis to seek out support. Counselling is useful to strengthen couples relationships and navigate family dynamics at any point in the relationship.  We also offer pre-marital counselling and counselling for family and couple transitions. 

If you are looking for couples counselling, Island Clinical Counselling has several Registered Clinical Counsellors who provide this service.  Ashleigh Martinflatt, Kathryn Atkinson, Joel Martinflatt, Bree Stutt, Lisa Passarelli, and Brittany Hesketh offer couples counselling for all types of couples.  For lower cost services please schedule with one of our clinical interns.

Substance Use Services


At Island Clinical Counselling, we work to tailor our services to fit the unique beliefs and knowledge that people hold about substance use. We recognize change is a process that can be both challenging and rewarding. With non-judgmental support, flexibility, compassion and creativity, we strive to assist people in setting and achieving meaningful goals. Island Clinical Counselling substance use services are customized for youth, adults, and older adults and include:

  • Consultation
  • Assessment
  • Out-patient therapy
  • Referral to withdrawal management (detox) programming
  • Referral to in-patient residential and/or supportive recovery programming
  • Relapse prevention planning and ongoing therapy
  • Harm Reduction
  • Family Members/Carers

Family members often encounter grief, anger, shame, and confusion when caring for a loved one involved with substances. Carers can experience emotional and even physical distress. Despite such impacts, few resources are available to specifically support families, particularly those in parent and/or caregiving roles. At Island Clinical Counselling we believe that families are important resources for their loved ones and therefore should have readily accessible, respectful and collaborative support. We are here to help navigate, what many call, the roller coaster ride of substance use. We value the wisdom and expert knowledge that family members hold and work to assist carers to feel valued, heard, and confident in their efforts.

Substance Use services for individuals, couples and families can be scheduled with Brittany Hesketh.  For support for children in the home, child counselling can be booked with Hannah Christianson.  For lower cost options, please schedule with one of our clinical intern counsellors.