Therapy for Headaches?

What you need to know about CBT for headache and migraine. Do you suffer from frequent tension headaches or migraines? Are you limiting your activities and finding less enjoyment in life due to physical pain or fear of triggering a headache? Headaches and migraines can impact daily life and lead to isolation, avoidance of places

Breaking the Cycle: Stop Suffering From Chronic Pain

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Chronic Pain (CBT-CP) What is the difference between chronic and acute pain? Acute:  Chronic pain: Individuals with chronic pain often end up stuck in the pain cycle.  The pain hurts: we decrease our activity level in response.  This tends to decondition us.  When we reduce capacity we often develop negative emotions

Nature’s Medicine: Exercise and Mental Wellness

Eliciting Endorphins We all know the good feelings we get after going for a run, completing a physical task, or finishing a workout.  We know from the research that engaging in exercise improves physical health.  For instance, exercise can reduce symptoms of high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes.  Research has also shown that engaging in